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PCC’s pottery people fire up sustainable ceramics and fun

Video by Media Services-PCC TV.

Convenient and sustainable ceramics classes (program uses recycled clay and lower heat kilns) is firing up students in the Community Education Program. The instructor uses the only dedicated non-credit studio in the district with at least 12 classes and 100 hours of student lab time offered every term.

From creating salad bowls to works of art, this non-credit ceramics program is taking more students for its summer courses. For more information, call (971) 722-6266.
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x by cathie 5 years ago

Buzz word of the decade -yes. But to be so haught and ill-informed to say that ceramics is sustainable is just simply unintelligent and unwarranted. Any person who has taught, even know the run-a-runds of a studio can clearly see what an energy hog ceramics is and how it deplets the worlds’ resources.Think before you open your mounth Mr Brandt. It is sometimes better to be truthful than to get your flash in the pan.

x by Jim 5 years ago

Yes, sustainable is truly a catchy, ‘truthy’ word (ala Steven Colbert). However, the idea that carbon dioxide levels (currently approx. 380 ppmil) are causing catastrophic heat retention is equally ill-informed. Once the narrow band of the infrared spectrum in which carbon dioxide exerts its heat-reflectivity is saturated, as is currently the case, it’s ‘greenhouse’ effects level off and flat-line. A lot of what is touted as ‘sustainable’ is merely profit-driven green-washing, and a lot of the scarey nonsense splashed all over the media is profit-driven fear-mongering.

x by Filbert 5 years ago

I just want to point out that the instructor (Brandt) never used the word “sustainable” in this video.

Rather, he says: “we’re conscience about conservation … each firing saves up to 25% natural gas … we’re looking at ceramics from a very contemporary point of view”. They are saving energy and money. Why do you have a problem with this?

x by Jim 5 years ago

No problem at all with energy and money conservation. I was more commenting on the angry, disdainful opinion from ‘cathy.’

Any time any institution or group or individual helps conserve resources, it is commendable, for many reasons.

It is just unfortunate that this kind of intelligent behavior is being used as ammunition in the ideological war of words being fought under the guise of ‘environmentalism’ and ‘sustainability.’ In particular, I am referring to the carbon tax scheme being pushed world-wide, which is nothing more than a money-grab by those who would rule the world.

x by Tallie 5 years ago

Sorry, had to jump in there Jim. I’m still amazed that people think that the lobbyists for green energy have more money than oil companies. Seriously? I say always be suspicious of a philosophy that requires zero effort from its proponent.

x by Georgia 4 years ago

All you libs trying to save the world should stop complaining over the most stupid trivial stuff and just f—— chill.

x by Howard 4 years ago

If we extend some of your thoughts can we conclude that breathing is not sustainable because we exhale carbon dioxide? Again, as Richard stated we are conscious of and try to be sustainable (green) in our approach. We are using fossil fueled energy to create a product that is somewhat physically and or visually functional and will be so for many years, unlike automobiles or synthetic plastic products.


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