PCC / News / October 22, 2012

PCC’s Driver’s Education class helps people of all ages to be safe

Video by Erik Fauske.

Host Justin Eslinger gets into the driver’s seat during a PCC Community Education Driver’s Education class.

Did you know that PCC provides teens and adults with driving instruction, both in the classroom and behind-the-wheel? The non-credit, ODOT approved course prepares students to successfully pass the licensing test and be life-long safe and responsible drivers.

For more information about this or any Community Education classes, visit the non-credit program’s webpage.


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x by Jim Fasulo 2 years ago

My first comment, and the most significant one is how valuable driver education at PCC could be to Oregon drivers of any age. When I ride my bike near my home, I frequently observe drivers who pull away from a four way stop who neglect to come to a complete stop, as was pointed out in this video.
This is quite easy to observe when you are on a bike.
So, I would like to see folks who get moving violations for not fully stopping or speeding or other missteps behind the wheel to be assigned to a one day “re-education” on their driving skills.
And, PCC Driver’s ed could fill their sections in minutes…

Jim Fasulo
PCC Cascade