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Instructor Profile: Marie Sivak carves out new art forms

Video by Michael Annus and PCC's Video Production Unit

Marie Sivak, an art instructor at the Sylvania Campus, talks about how she got into carving and demonstrates her techniques. Sivak has started to combine her sculpting techniques with the use of video in her exhibitions. For more information on PCC’s art offerings, visit the Arts Program Website.

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x by emma 4 years ago

waw… your work is really awesome

x by saulie 4 years ago

So missing carving right now! So missing Marie, she is a great teacher, artist and person! So excited to see this piece. Yay, Marie!

x by Terilyn Juardo 4 years ago

Spectacular, Marie… I loved taking your sculpting class; You gave me a valuable tool of expression and a new way to communicate.

x by Malia Gayagas 4 years ago

Amazing work and very inspiring, I hope to take a class from you in the future. Just beautiful.

x by Marie Sivak 4 years ago

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. Hope to see you all in a sculpture class soon :-)

I am teaching an exciting class this winter term: Art 293 Figure Sculpture. We are working with models and sculpting the human form and portraits in clay. We only offer this once a year at Sylvania; its great fun, come and join us for a very special experience.

x by Kim Hoa Granville 4 years ago

Bravo Marie. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing you soon and learn more about your art projects and the anecdote about your grandfather sowing the seed of your fantastic career. We missed you.

x by Christi Hamilton 4 years ago

Wow, amazing work! I took sculpting with this amazing woman. It changed my life! I found this art class very healing! I also found this a safe place to explore my spirit and communicate in a new way, art is amazing. Marie supports you with her gentle spirit!
Forever Grateful to have experienced this class!


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