PCC / News / February 19, 2013

New venue, same ol’ fun at Asian New Year Celebration

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The Southeast Center’s annual Asian New Year Celebration was moved down Division Street to Warner Pacific College this year (Monday, Feb. 18) thanks to bond construction at the PCC location. But the fun and excitement was still there as hundreds of attendees witnessed dances, singing, drumming and interesting speakers as well as visit arts and crafts booths and consume tasty food.

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x by Simon Tam 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about this event until after it was over (via PCC Facebook). Who should we contact to get more information about next year’s event?

x by James Hill 2 years ago

Yes, email Trina Hing! thing@pcc.edu.

x by Gabriel Nagmay 2 years ago

There is an event page: http://www.pcc.edu/about/events/asian-new-year

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the pcc.edu homepage. Major events like this are usually featured for a few weeks before they start.

x by James Hill 2 years ago

Yes, what Gabe said too!

x by Jessica Fuller 2 years ago

I would have loved to taken my daughter to this. Thanks for letting us know about the event page. I will check it often now. It looks like a great time for everyone.