PCC / News / March 28, 2013

Students get the basics, and a bit more, in non-credit welding class

Video by Erik Fauske, Media Services - PCC TV.

Don’t forget the sunscreen.

That’s one tip if you plan to take Community Education’s welding class at the Rock Creek Campus. Students, who have learned to lather up the sunscreen to protect any exposed skin from the bright rays of the sparks, learn the basics of welding from a knowledgeable instructor so they can safely build projects on their own. If you want a taste of what goes on in the class, check out the video.


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x by Anne 1 year ago

<3 the animation on the home page! Do this all the time!

x by Bryan 1 year ago

While I don’t want movement on every homepage photograph … I do appreciate the creativity! I especially appreciated it on the first day of Spring term — it somehow seemed fitting.

Hat’s off to Gabriel Nagmay and all those responsible for the flourish.

x by B. b. 1 year ago

Sparky spark sparks!

x by M 1 year ago

Love the animated picture!

x by Anne 1 year ago

Bring back the animation!

x by Jeri 1 year ago

I had so many instructors & student comment on how cool the sparks were on the homepage, it made PCC feels so hip & futuristic. Everyone wants to know your magic trick.

x by Sanjay Mandal 1 year ago

so good

x by Brandi 1 year ago

LOVED the animated picture, such a great flourish for the first day of spring quarter!