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ASPCC hosts ‘I Love Art’ scholarship fundraiser for PCC Foundation

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The campus chapters of Associated Students of Portland Community College (ASPCC) have joined forces and collaborated with the campus-based art departments to host their first “I Love Art” scholarship fundraiser to help students in need access art supplies.

'I Heart Art' poster.

‘I Heart Art’ poster.

On Friday, May 3, an “Evening Off-Broadway” gala will be held at the Portland Art Museum, in the Mark Building (1119 SW Park Ave.), from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. The goal is to raise $25,000 to endow a scholarship for art supplies, with all funds raised being counted toward the college’s Campaign for Opportunity. This campaign helps raise scholarships for first-generation students enrolled at PCC, to ease their loan burden and to offer specialized student support and program services to these and other low-income students.

“For many reasons, our students often struggle to pay for art supplies,” said Cami Bishop, the student leadership coordinator at the Sylvania Campus and one of the event organizers. “Often they must drop their art classes when they learn about the expense of the supplies, or borrow from other students. Many instructors have had to come to their financial rescue to help them out. This scholarship program aims to solve that problem by offering small grants to students in need, allowing them to purchase necessary supplies to successfully complete their art classes. At the same time, the fundraiser supports the college’s ongoing Campaign for Opportunity. Art should be an equal opportunity learning experience for everyone, and this fundraiser furthers the efforts of students who wish to channel their inner Renoir.”

The event kicks off with a reception at 5:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 6 p.m. Included in the festivities is a silent and live auction featuring student and faculty art, as well as a variety show of local performance artists. The event also offers exclusive access to the museum’s contemporary art wing beginning at 8 p.m.

Following is the entertainment line-up:

  • First art – Salon L’Orient Ensemble, a company formed by NagaSita that combines four Portland houses of underground eastern dance notoriety, including APSARA, The Bridgetown Revue, Studio Datura and the Marissa Mission.
  • Second act – Animus Vox, a moving ritual theater performance combining dance and percussion and otherworldly creatures and expressions.
  • Third act – Enrique Ugalde, traditional Tuvan khoomei and instrumentation woven into a tapestry of shamanic influences.

Tickets are $48, which includes dinner, entertainment and access to the museum; tickets for the show and museum access only are $10. To purchase tickets and for more information, contact any of the ASPCC offices at the PCC campuses:

Cascade – (971) 722-5188.
Rock Creek – (971) 722-7379.
Southeast Center – (971) 722-6117.
Sylvania – (971) 722-4361.


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x by Carolyn Allen 12 months ago

In poking around for information, I found this page on the “I Love Art” scholarship fundraiser. It sounds like fun & I’d like to know how to get tickets, and whether it’s too late. If possible to attend solo, I’d like to try. I’m still new to Portland and don’t know the campuses or locations well yet, so I might need more information. I know the date is just around the corner, so I’d need information soon! Thanks!

x by Art shed 3 months ago

Your post is motivated. This is a good way to appreciate artist for involving this event to show their art work.

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