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Cascade handing out free waterproof bike seat covers

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Portland Community College’s bike commuters help the college move toward meeting its sustainability goals and keep it from having to spend money to construct more car parking spaces. That’s in addition to making the air more breathable and having fewer cars clogging roads. Now, organizers of PCC’s transportation management are green with appreciation for the community embracing biking to and from the college’s Cascade Campus. To show their thanks, organizers, including Cascade Bike Rental Program Mechanic Christian Profeta (pictured), put waterproof bicycle seat covers on every bike they found last Wednesday, May 8 (nobody likes to ride with a soggy seat). If they missed your bike, just drop by campus’ ASPCC office (Room 03, Student Center) to pick up one. They’re free until they run out. If you like the idea of commuting by bicycle but don’t have one, maybe you qualify for the Cascade Campus Bike Rental Program.

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x by jamie jimenez 11 months ago

need a seat cover and looking for a softer seat

x by Mare 11 months ago

It was a wonderful idea. We can save our planet using different ways. Thank you for this amazing idea.

x by Baby Bike Seat Rear | Baby Bike Seat Advice 10 months ago

[...] months and sure that there are specific safety functions included, such as a head protection baby bike seat rear [...]

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