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PCC and PSU sign updated co-admissions agreement

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The motto at Portland State University on Wednesday, Nov. 20 was, “Why mess with a good thing?”

PCC President Jeremy Brown and PSU President Wim Wievel got together and re-signed an updated version of their dual admissions agreement at the university in downtown Portland. The signing capped a day of meetings that Brown and his staff had with university officials, including a guided tour of PSU. In 2000, the two schools developed a co-admission agreement to facilitate student transfers between the two institutions. Since that time, thousands of students have benefited from this collaboration. The signing recognized this partnership’s updates that have been implemented to better accommodate student and institution needs.

The agreement is designed to assist students by reducing barriers, promoting transition between institutions, and facilitating academic success. Additionally, this partnership will help to deepen and broaden the already strong relationship between PSU and PCC.

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x by Brandi 1 year ago

Does FAFSA cover dual-enrollment at PCC and PSU? Or only at one institution?

x by Student 1 year ago

They do. However, PSU starts later and for some reason FASFA gives the money according to their dates. So, usually you’d need to cover PCC out of pocket or make a payment plan;-(

x by Dwayne Leland 1 year ago

What is the best course to facilitate a transfer, additionally, where can one access courses offered at PSU?

x by Dennis 1 year ago

I am so glad to see that dual admissions is still going strong between PSU and PCC. It is a great program

x by Adam Singh 1 year ago

For more information regarding dual Admissions visit pcc.edu pages

Specifically dual enrollment

General transfer info (still relevant)
Transfer guides (what classes to take)