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Electronic Table Tennis Club may not exist but plenty of other student clubs do

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pingHappy April Fool’s Day!

The game you just played isn’t really a test for entrance into a new club. It was just a way to have some fun on the PCC website on this day of hijinks and Tomfoolery.

Missed all the fun?

The prank may be over, but you can still play the game over here.

Real clubs

If you are interested in student clubs, because they really do exist, visit your respective campus’ club page and sign up for some fun and learning. Clubs can be sports related or academic in nature or simply a hobby. Run by the campus ASPCC offices, each location has different clubs. Check them out!

Clubs are a great way to be involved at PCC than just classes. The ASPCC branches sponsor clubs with plenty to offer to people of different interests and backgrounds. You can even set up your own club if you choose.

And feel free to comment below on what you think of our retro practical joke.

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x by Seth R. 1 year ago

Well, that was really cool!

x by Andy 1 year ago

High score of 7? Dang!

x by Monica Marlo 1 year ago

Damn! No Pong club?!?! Here I thought I could whip out my mad eight bit skillz and pwn some paddles.

Serious Kudos to the web team for excellent interactive design, tho. Happy April Fools~

x by Karen Sorensen 1 year ago

Loved the April Fool’s home page story and game! I haven’t read a home page story in awhile, but that one really pulled me in! I wanted to join the electronic ping pong club, though I wasn’t sure what it was. Great job Web Team!

x by Jennifer Boehmer 1 year ago

Fabulous job, Web Team! Really fun!

x by Gwen 1 year ago


x by Gwen 1 year ago

8? How did anyone get 8 points on this thing?

x by Elizabeth Bilyeu 1 year ago

Thanks, I needed this :) It’s much better than the jokes my 10-year-old has lined up for today!!

x by Gwen 1 year ago

Ha ha – it took a while but I GOT THE NEW HIGH SCORE OF 10!!!

x by Bobby S. 1 year ago

Um, @Gwen – someone else just got 11…

x by Gwen 1 year ago


x by Max Macias 1 year ago

#WebTeam is Awesome!

x by Terry 1 year ago

That’s right – I go to 11, brother! What are you gonna do when these 24 inch pythons wrap around you?!

x by min 1 year ago

is there a ping pong club?

x by Luis 1 year ago

I don’t think there is a ping pong club, but there should be! There is now a ping pong table available in the Sylvania HT building, first floor by the vending machines. You can get paddles and ball from the Issue Room.

x by Aqua Bat 1 year ago

Someone scored 34 points? I am calling shenanigans!

I am a professional PONG player and my top was 11.

I demand a recount!

x by Faraji Hannah-Jones 1 year ago

Ohhh man you got me..shout out to PCC from Brooklyn, NY!

x by Gwen 1 year ago

Thirty – fffffour??? Great now I am going to be up all night trying to top that score.

x by Gwen 1 year ago

Never take this down. It is the best thing I ever seen.