PCC / News / April 28, 2014

Sylvania, PCC campuses celebrate Earth Week

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Last week (April 21-25) was Earth Week around PCC, including the Sylvania Campus. Students, staff and faculty engaged the community with displays, interactive demonstrations, habitat education and lectures on climate change. In the video you’ll see ASPCC’s “DIY Recycled Crafts” where people could reuse donated items to create art; Physics Instructor Toby Dittrich’s “Climate Change Solutions: Past Present and Future” lecture that featured speakers Jeremy Brown (PCC President), retired Sylvania President Linda Gerber and former Oregon Secretary Bill Bradbury; the building of worm bin composting containers; and an adventure with Sylvania’s Habitat Restoration Team. But Earth Week was a PCC affair. Check out what happened at other campuses!

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x by Daniel Watkins 1 year ago

Can’t wait to see solar panels on top of the CC building and a few L2 charging stations in the back of the parking lots! Also possible L1 (120Volt) charging from receptacles on the light poles.