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Barbur construction to impact traffic around Sylvania this summer

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If you are driving to Sylvania Campus this summer you better beware of road construction delays.

Due to bridge rehabs happening on Barbur Boulevard in June ​some traffic ​lanes will be closed. These closures are likely to cause traffic issues on Barbur as well as on​ I-5 between Capital Highway and the Terwilliger curves. The current closures are scheduled in June, often one lane in each direction, but sometimes both lanes in a single direction (usually over a weekend). The entire project will take approximately five months to complete. Also in June, work will begin on the Kerr Parkway, causing some disruptions. Make sure to check ahead on your route to Sylvania this summer in light of these works projects.


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x by Suzanne Brauer 11 months ago

I would also like to point out that I believe the closure of Kerr Parkway at the top gate of Sylvania at the end of Capitol Hwy to Jefferson Parkway will cause significant disruptions of traffic to and from campus because traffic will be diverted through the neighborhoods of Mountain Park. It would probably be best to use the lower gate of Sylvania off Lesser from either Barbur/99W or the Haines Exit off I5.

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