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Black History Mobile Museum rolls through PCC this week and next

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The Black History 101 Mobile Museum, a traveling exhibit highlighting the history of African Americans, makes a return visit to Portland Community College in January 2016.

The mobile exhibit, established by author and scholar Khalid el-Hakim, comprises more than 5,000 artifacts of African-American memorabilia, including documents signed by Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Dorothy Height, Frederick Douglass, Coretta Scott King, Muhammad Ali, Shirley Chisholm, and many others. Also among its collection are a rare bill of sale from a slave auction and a well-preserved set of slave-era shackles.

The Black History 101 Mobile Museum will make the following stops from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during days it’s at PCC:

  • Cascade Campus: Wednesday, Jan. 6, Student Union (special presentation and lecture from noon to 1 p.m.).
  • Rock Creek Campus: Monday, Jan. 11, Room 118, Building 7.
  • Southeast Campus: Tuesday, Jan. 12, Room 150, Mt. Tabor Hall.
  • Sylvania Campus: Thursday, Jan. 14, Room 267B, College Center.
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x by Dean 1 year ago

How can you justify having a Black History Month that supports and celebrates black history, and then having a White History Month that aims to “dismantle whiteness” and put down white history? Is that fair? Is this not blatant racism?

x by Noble 1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more with Dean’s comment. It is sheer hypocrisy to have a month that “shames” some of the most successful people in history because of the race at birth (over which we have no control), but then find excuses to exalt historical accomplishments of the opposite race, and especially since that is a very short list by comparison.

And, to announce this on Martin Luther King Day borders on heresy.

x by Paula 1 year ago

I hope with your racist agenda and practicing of anti white propaganda you do not receive local, state or federal funding.

x by Paula 1 year ago

Black history month is a good thing, but the anti white history is not ok.


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