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The Student Government at Sylvania campus is helping Cascade AIDS Project

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The Student Government at Sylvania campus is helping Cascade AIDS Project in their effort to raise $300,000 by participating in the Nike sponsored AIDSWalk04 on Sunday, September 26,2004 from 8:30 a.m. to noon.We have created a PCC team to participate in the walk and our team’s goal is to raise $1500 and get 60 people registered to walk. The Student Government at Sylvania is offering:-The first 15 people that donate $10 – $25 will get a unique complimentary blue/red/white colored wristband that says "VOTE" on it. You can even choose to have one in Spanish, if you’d like. The wristband is worth $5. Please let me know as soon as you make a donation on the link above. You will not find this unique wristband anywhere else. The first 10 people that donate $30-45 will get a super cool tee shirt in a size of your choice. The tee shirt will have the AIDSWalk04 on it and it is worth $12. The first 5 people that donate $46 or more will get an environmentally friendly hemp bag (mossy green with a black border) from Artisan Gear worth $20. For more information on making a donation or/and registering to walk, please call Tenzin Yeshi at 503.977.4361 or e-mail at

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