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Become a solar technician through PCC

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Learn how to harness the power of the sun for clean, renewable energy. With an upcoming training program through Portland Community College, you can prepare to earn your solar technician license through the State of Oregon and embark on a rewarding, earth friendly career. Solar Thermal and Electric Systems Installer Training Series will incorporate work on real projects, tours of existing systems, and a chance to build solar collectors yourself. Instructor John Patterson will lead the series from 9 a.m. to noon, Saturdays, Oct. 2 through Nov. 20, at Mr. Sun, 3838 S.W. Macadam Ave. Cost is $75 plus $300 payable to the instructor at the first class which includes the following eight sessions:" Principles of Solar Energy Systems I (Oct. 2). Practice solar applications for the Northwest including collection, storage, distribution and conservation of solar energy. Gain an introduction to sun charts, solar hot water and pool heating, and the anatomy of a solar panel." Solar Hot Water I (Oct. 9). Get a close look at the most popular solar water heaters with a tour of working systems." Solar Electric Control (Oct. 16). Learn about AC and DC solar pumps, valves, snap switches, variable resistance sensors and other electrical controls in solar thermal and electric systems." Solar Electric Controls II (Oct. 23). Learn how to install and use solar electric motors, pumps, fans, irrigation, tracking systems and 12-volt appliances. This class will include discussion of ultra energy-efficient lighting and appliances." Solar Electric Systems I (Oct. 30). Discover photovoltaic (PV) system design. Match PV to load, and learn about fuel switching, and the relationship between PV, efficiency and conservation. " Solar Electric Systems II (Nov. 6). Navigate the National Electric Code governing off-grid photovoltaic systems, disconnects and grounding. Students will gain understanding of battery-based photovoltaic systems, inverters, generators, pole-mount vs. roof mount and more." Grid-tied Photovoltaic Systems I (Nov. 13). Become an expert in the Article 690 of the National Electric Code while assessing grid-tied photovoltaic systems, net metering, green tags, tax credit and utility incentives, cost and payback." Advanced Photovoltaic Systems II (Nov. 20). Which solar technology should be used first and why? Examine wind and hybrid systems, integrate photovoltaic roofing, look at industry trends and see whats around the bend in solar energy. For more information, contact PCC Community Education at 503-731-6831.

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