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October is disability awareness month at PCC

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Welcome to Disability Awareness Month! During the month of October, the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) will be presenting brief pieces of disability-related information to help you have a more successful school year. Today’s piece introduces you to our office. What is OSD? We provide supportive services designed to promote student independence and equal access to classroom and college-related activities.Who are we? District Office (503-977-4341): Clark Hochstetler, Department Chairman ~ 503-977-4343 Linda Browning, Department Secretary ~ 503-977-4341 Wendy Palmer, Coordinator of Access Resources ~ 503-977-4483 Sharon Allen, Coordinator of Deaf Services ~ 503-977-4345 Cascade Campus Office: Tammy Dowd, Counselor ~ 503-978-5439 Rock Creek Campus Office: Kari Hanken/Michele Mejia, Counselor ~ 503-614-7409 Southeast Center Office: Dianne Sherlock, Counselor ~ 503-788-6250 Sylvania Campus Office: Clark Hochstetler, Counselor ~ 503-977-4343 Robin Jacobs, Counselor ~ 503-977-4344 Ruth McKenna, Counselor ~ 503-977-4340 Mikael Snitker, Counselor ~ 503-977-4411

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