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Get ready for 'Plastics Round-up'

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There will be a “Plastics Round-up” from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Sylvania and Rock Creek campuses, and Southeast Center. Bring those hard to recycle plastics and Master Recyclers and Agri-Plas will recycle the plastic into new products. The all-volunteer run Master Recycler Roundups conducted three similar plastic roundup events and reduced and recycled over eleven tons of plastic.

Why hold a plastics round-up? Only plastics that have a neck, such as bottles and milk jugs can be recycled at home. The event will not accept styrofoam and donators are being asked to separate the numbered plastics. Please separate your plastics into the following categories before the event: plastic bags (dry cleaning, zip lock bags, store sacks) and plant containers and trays; miscellaneous plastics without numbers, including bottle caps, drink lids, CD’s, CD cases, cereal liners, straws, lawn/patio furniture, kids toys, laundry baskets and kiddy pools, to name a few; and reusable plastic items.

Organizers of this event cannot accept non-plastic material; styrofoam block or peanuts; milk jugs; plastic with metal inside; VHS cassette tapes, PVC pipe, and small toys, food-contaminated plastic.


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