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Illumination Project Currently Accepting Applications

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The Illumination Project of PCC is a student leadership and campus climate program designed to address issues of oppression through interactive classroom and community performances utilizing interactive theater. The Illumination Project has the dual purpose of providing participating students with an opportunity to develop skills as educators, activists, and leaders and to educate student, staff, faculty, and community audiences on social justice issues.

Students receive twelve (four each term) tuition free sociology credits for participating in this year-long student leadership and interactive theater project. The credits meet general education and diversity requirements and are college transferable. Applications are due October 20th, class starts November 3rd. Find out more about the project and download applications at our website

The Illumination Project, program of the Sylvania Women’s Resource Center, is also supported through the Sylvania Multicultural Center and Sociology and Theater Departments. The Illumination Project is made possible through the generous support of the Equity Foundation, the Hoover Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation.


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