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Multimedia hosts Electronic Theatre event at Cascade

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On Sept. 21, the Multimedia program at the Cascade Campus hosted the Electronic Theater, a film and video extravaganza featuring incredible technical imagery, at the Moriarty Arts and Humanities Auditorium. The Electronic Theatre was sponsored by Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, a professional association focused on computer graphics.

The Electronic Theater is a highly-acclaimed showcase of amazing computer graphics and special effects shorts from around the world that offers insight on future trends in films, commercials and scientific visualization. The collection of 37 shorts were selected from over 600 submissions and juried at the recent International SIGGRAPH conference.

The show is a remarkable journey combining trends in art and science with the best computer graphics depicting comedy, drama, romance, action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction and science fact. Many current and former multimedia students attended, along with many representatives of the multimedia industry. It was a wonderful opportunity for students and faculty to connect with professionals in the field.

For more information on SIGGRAPH, check out the link at: and for information about the PCC Multimedia:

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