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Bill Manley named 'Outstanding Administrator'

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Bill Manley was honored with the “Outstanding Administrator of the Year” award by the Oregon Association of Vocational Special Needs Personnel (OAVSNP) at their annual conference in Hood River last winter. OAVSNP is an affiliate of the Oregon Association of Career and Technical Education (OACTE) and the national Association of Career Technical Education (ACTE). The focus of OAVSNP is to assist students with special needs in accessing career technical education at the high school level and transition to postsecondary education.

“I was very surprised to receive the award,” Manley said. “It was nice and appreciated to be nominated by a group of colleagues.”

For many years, the federal Perkins Act for Career Technical Education has included required elements related to providing access to career technical education (professional technical education) to students with special needs. PAVTEC, a consortium composed of PCC and its feeder high schools that promotes access to quality career technical education on both levels for all students, has included these “special population” elements throughout its existence of over 15 years.

The PAVTEC Special Populations Task Force nominated Manley for the award. Mikael Snitker, PCC Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), is the Chair of the Task Force and was one of the primary nominators along with Terry Shlaes, Transitions Coordinator in the Lake Oswego School District. Other members of the Task Force also were part of the nomination process. The PAVTEC Special Populations Task Force is composed of representatives of PCC staff who work with students with special needs and transitions through OSD, PCC Admissions Coordinators, and transition coordinators for special needs students of local high schools.

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