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No Cost On-line Faculty Development Courses

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Faculty Development Opportunity!

What is it? Through the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) we have been chosen to participate free of charge in a partnership with Valencia Community College. Valencia is offering PCC access to their professional development materials geared to helping new and part-time faculty in different areas. In particular, PCC faculty have been invited to participate, at no cost, in the following on-line faculty development courses:

  1. Succeeding with Online Group Projects – focuses on the design and facilitation of group projects in the online environment (6 wks)
  2. Teaching for Learning – for new and experienced adjunct faculty with strong content and expertise but limited instructional professional development opportunities (6 wks)
  3. Doing the Write Thing – focuses on the experiences of a new developmental writing faculty member during her/his first year (4 wks)
  4. Making It All Add Up – focuses on the experiences of a new developmental math faculty member in his/her first year (4 wks)

When: The anticipated launch date for Succeeding with Online Group Projects and Teaching for Learning is April 18th, and April 25th for Doing the Write Thing and Making It All Add Up.

Time: 9-11 a.m. at SYL, TCB 209

How to enroll: Go to

Other important details:

  • All courses are online, asynchronous, and facilitated.
  • You can participate in one or more than one course – it’s up to you.
  • Participants progress through the course in a cohort with a start and end date.
  • Courses are designed and structured similar to classroom based courses with an orientation, syllabus, assignments, ongoing discussion, and assessments.
  • Courses utilize an electronic case study and employ collaborative and problem-based learning techniques that leverage the power of story to foster reflection, judgment, and deep insight, where participants will acquire the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that will assist them in creating a learning-centered classroom for students.
  • Participants must have access to high speed internet and web-browser.
  • All participants must attend a Learning Scenarios course orientation. Dates and times are listed above.

Linda Blanchette

Staff & Organizational Development Facilitator

Portland Community College


503. 452.9581 (fax)


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