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PCC in the NEWS: Welding program on fire with local business publications

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A look at news stories about PCC from around the local area and the nation for the month of August. In total, PCC events and people appeared 58 times in the local community or national online media, newspapers or TV/radio.

August, Commerce Magazine featured PCC’s welding program as part of a profile of the worker shortage in the manufacturing industry.

August, Commerce also listed PCC as tied for No. 19 in largest employers in the Portland area, tied with United Parcel Service.

August, Boom magazine featured the Senior Studies Institute and a collection of upcoming classes.

Aug. 1, Oregon Public Radio’s Rob Manning featured PCC’s surge in summer enrollment.

Aug. 1, The Canby Herald highlighted Public Safety Officer Kevin Loberger assistance in saving a woman’s life.

Aug. 2, The Portland Tribune reported on PCC’s big summer enrollment surge.

Aug. 6, The Daily Journal of Commerce announced the PCC Foundation’s upcoming golf tournament at Heron Lakes Golf Course.

Aug. 6, The Miller Foundation’s challenge for the state’s community colleges to raise funds to be matched by the foundation, including $320,000 for PCC, was mentioned in the Portland Business Journal.

Aug. 6, The Skanner spotlighted the move of the Housing Authority’s apprenticeship program to the Skill Center at Cascade.

Aug. 6, The Portland Observer reported on PCC’s summer surge in enrollment of more than 14 percent in FTE.

Aug. 6, The Portland Observer reported on the partnership between PCC and several local non-profits to provide mentoring, career and educational services to students at Jefferson High School.

Aug. 7, The Lake Oswego Review mentioned that it met requirements for Adequate Yearly Progress targets, which included PCC students.

Aug. 7, The Lake Oswego Review reported that Mary Lou Webb (division dean of Management and Supervisory Development) was named to the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce’s marketing committee.

Aug. 8, The Oregonian’s book section featured a former PCC instructor, who is helping organize the Willamette Writers Conference.

Aug. 8, The Oregonian highlighted PCC’s 3.22 million Worksystems Inc. grant to help fund its three WorksSource center sites.

Aug. 8, The Oregonian showcased a writer who got her start teaching at PCC and now has a book out about how to write good villains.

Aug. 9, The Tribune Star in Terre Haute, Ind. profiled a PCC student who has taken time off from school to volunteer for the Barrack Obama campaign.

Aug. 11, the $3.22 Worksystems Inc. grant received mention in the Sherwood Gazette.

Aug. 11, The Tigard Times showcased the big $3.22 million Worksystems Inc. grant for workforce development at the one-stop centers.

Aug. 11, The Daily Journal of Commerce reported that the PCC Foundation needs sponsors for its fifth annual golf tournament benefitting student scholarships.

Aug. 13, The Willamette Week featured PCC in a story about living cheap in Portland.

Aug. 14, The Beaverton Valley Times featured the $3.22 Worksystems Inc. grant to boost the college’s WorkSource One-Stops.

Aug. 14, The Lake Oswego Review spotlighted the PCC Foundation’s challenge to raise matching funds for the Miller Foundation donation.

Aug. 15, The Portland Business Journal highlighted PCC’s automotive program’s quest to find more hybrid vehicles to work on for students.

Aug. 15, The Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted the summer reading of President Preston Pulliams in a survey of national CEOs.

Aug. 15, The Oregonian reported on PCC’s teaming up with SolarWorld to train its workforce in an article about green jobs in Oregon.

Aug. 16, The Portland Observer highlighted the Evening Trades Apprenticeship Preparation’s move to Cascade Campus.

Aug. 16, The Portland Observer featured a new hire at Metro who used PCC’s Professional Skills Training Program to turn his career around.

Aug. 19, The Hillsboro Argus columnist Jayne Carroll cheered PCC’s program to give scholarships to the families of fallen troops.

Aug. 20, The Daily Journal of Commerce reported that $8,000 in scholarship money was donated by home builders to two PCC students.

Aug. 20, The Newberg Graphic mentioned PCC is thinking of building a presence in the town and reported details about the November bond.

Aug. 20, The Forest Grove Times mentioned the Miller Foundation grants to Oregon community colleges and to PCC.

Aug. 21, The Tualatin Times featured the $3.22 million Worksystems grant to help fund the college’s WorkSource One-Stops.

Aug. 21, The Lake Oswego Review spotlighted the robotics high school students using Sylvania’s machine technology program to build parts in a specialized camp.

Aug. 21, OPB showcased Congressman Earl Blumenauer town hall meeting at Southeast Center, featuring numerous Oregon state representatives.

Aug. 22, The Business Journal ran an opinion piece by Linda Gerber about the value of community colleges.

Aug. 26, The Asian Reporter focused on the Miller Foundation grant challenge to PCC and the rest of Oregon’s community colleges.

Aug. 27, The Oregonian featured PCC’s enrollment growth in a story about the surge in enrollment of colleges and universities in the area.

Aug. 28, The Lake Oswego Review showcased the donated wireless technology by Xirrus to PCC-Sylvania.

Aug. 28, The Beaverton Valley Times featured PCC’s free tuition for families of fallen soldiers.

Aug. 29, The Daily Journal of Commerce highlighted the $700,000 National Science Foundation grant to cultivate sustainability into building-related programs.

Aug. 29, The Oregonian highlighted a $1.2 million grant to Hillsboro High that will help students earn college credit at PCC.

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