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Whew! Voters OK PCC's bond measure

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It’s official. The bond measure passed.

My cohort, James Hill, and I were having a joint heart attack: when everyone woke up Wednesday morning, we were losing by 4,000 votes. We were down 2,000 by the time I got to campus; down 1,000 by lunch; up 186 by 2 p.m.

That wasn’t enough for the Public Affairs team to feel confident, so we went home without calling it a success. But by 7 p.m., tallying the votes in all five counties, we realized we were up 4,000.

And by this morning, it was looking like a 53 percent “yes” vote.

I didn’t tell my girlfriend because she’s a public health official, but I had purchased a cigar, just in case. Sure enough, I stepped out onto my deck last night, lit up, took one puff, and almost puked. OK, not the brightest of ideas. But it seemed appropriate.

We obviously are grateful for everyone on the campuses who helped get the word out. We’re grateful for the volunteers in the community who joined the campaign. And we’re grateful that voters said “yes.”

There will be lots of opportunities throughout 2009 for people to get involved, either district-wide or at a specific campus. We’ll let you know how to take part.

Send your feedback to And thanks in advance.

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Dana Haynes, joined PCC in 2007 as the manager of the Office of Public Affairs, directing the college's media and government relations. Haynes spent the previous 20 years as a reporter, columnist and editor for Oregon newspapers, including ... more »


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