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Blog: Getting ready for the governor's visit

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7 a.m. The parking lots are empty, for the most part. I get here – I am not a morning person – and join Joanne Callahan’s crew. She’s lead custodian for Sylvania and a good egg.

We’re setting up conference rooms A and B for the governor and his new advisory committee on environmental issues. They’ll be here at 10.

Yesterday, 3:30 p.m. or so, his staff called to say that the governor hated the way we’d laid out the conference rooms. Hated it. They sent me a PDF drawing of what he wants. OK, it’s crude, but Joanne and her crew are just that good. No worries.

Colin Pallotta of Technology Solution Services is on his way. He’s going to lash-up some kind of speaker phone so some of the governor’s advisers can attend the meeting via telephony. Cool.

The governor’s people have postponed this gig twice before. They’ve asked for massive changes. It’s now 7:21 a.m. and we still haven’t seen an agenda. But you know what? That’s OK. We’re PCC. We’re nothing but flexible. We’ll get this thing done. Couple of weeks from now, the Legislature’s Ways and Means Committee will meet at the Cascade Campus. That’ll be a cyclone of last-minute details, too.

It’s OK.

It’s what we do.

To learn about PCC and the Legislature, click here.


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