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Taking PCC student leaders to the Capitol

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Getting ready to take a large group of PCC student leaders to the Capitol this Thursday. Should be fun.

So far, we’ve arranged for the students to meet up with Reps. Carolyn Tomei, Chris Garrett, Jeff Barker, Brad Witt, Chip Shields, Michael Dembrow, Mitch Greenlick, Chris Harker, Jules Bailey and Chuck Riley. They also have appointments with Sens. Bruce Starr, Jackie Dingfelder and Diane Rosenbaum.

In most instances, they’ll meet with the elected officials. Sometimes, it will be the officials’ staff people. Which is just as effective, actually. The legislative aides are the hardest working people on the planet, and they don’t get recognized often as the great resources they are.

At around 10 a.m., we’ll split into two groups and go to the upper seating of the House and the Senate, where the students will be “recognized” by lawmakers. It’s just an informal acknowledgement that PCC is in the room.

We’ll loop back and let you know how the lobbying day went.



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