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A Framework Plan for Improving Sylvania Campus

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PCC is developing a Framework Plan for site and building renovations and infrastructure improvements at Sylvania Campus under an existing Master Plan. We are working with landscape architects, civil and traffic engineers, and stormwater experts to analyze the campus at a macro level. Among the topics we are exploring are campus entry and circulation for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians; stormwater management; and site design to support campus wayfinding and signage for pedestrian navigation and learning lab opportunities.

The framework plan for building renovations is a quick way for the PCC Bond Program team to meet with affected building groups to analyze their program needs, test budgets on proposed solutions, and align them with bond dollars budgeted for Sylvania. This will ensure that we are in lock step, building by building, to meet identified needs within our budget. This fall we have begun early programming sessions with the largest project on campus, the College Center building (CC). This renovation has the opportunity to make the biggest impact on the student experience. We are looking at adjacency ideals and a paradigm shift to a Student Union, as well as how will these will affect the changing delivery of Student Services and the culture of Sylvania campus. We are exploring opportunities to streamline student services and leverage student activities to create a vibrant heart of the campus. At the same time, we are tackling the physical barriers of the building, and in the end trying to create comfortable informal spaces for the students and faculty to relax or gather.


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