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Construction and design update for Sylvania Campus

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The design team for Sylvania Campus has concluded its first round of meetings for the Social Science &Technology, Science & Technology, and Automotive & Metals buildings to develop a building framework plan.  The College anticipates issuing these  framework plans  to the general contractor, Howard S. Wright Construction, for pricing and constructability review in early February.

In addition, the Sylvania bond program manager has formed a Site Committee to discuss site improvement opportunities on the campus.  Site topics include the ring road, 49th Street entry and the bus loop/drop off areas.

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x by Jerome Johnson 6 years ago

I am not able to find a plot map that actuallyt places the ring road on the Sylvania Campus…..I would like to “see” its location.
Please email the map to

Thanking you in advance.
Jerome L. Johnson

x by gina 6 years ago

Good afternoon Jerome,
Thank you for contacting the PCC Bond Program. The architectural team working on the Sylvania Campus is currently completing site work for the framework plan. While the general location for the ring road is known, the exact location has not been finalized. Plotting and surveying work along with schematic alignment should be completed in a month or two. Please let us know if you would like a site map with a general location or if you would prefer to wait for the the plot map with the specific alignment. Thank you again for your interest.

x by Sherman Hindin 6 years ago

Hey, I tried to email you pertaining to this publish but aren?t capable to attain you. Please e-mail me when get a second. Thanks.

x by gina 6 years ago

Thanks for contacting us. Sorry you have had difficulties reaching us. Do you have a specific inquiry regarding the Bond Program building improvements on the Sylvania Campus?

x by Jerome Johnson 6 years ago

–yes–at your suggestion I would like a site map with the “general location.” Also, there has been discussion by Linda Gerber at our neighborhood association (FARSW)regarding the future possiblity of a “third access” to PCC Sylvania running into an out of Haines Street. Where might I find this information in its written form—-sometimes this type of tranparent, public information is diffucult to secure. Could you direct me to the specific documents as to which she refers?
Jerome Johnson 503-804-5239

x by gina 6 years ago

Good afternoon Jerome. There are no plans for a third entrance at Sylvania. I understand that this question came up at a recent site meeting. Gary Sutton, the Bond Project Manager on the Sylvania Campus will be giving you a call to answer any additional questions you many have. Thank you for being involved. Gina

x by Wally Basoom 6 years ago

How are you getting on with this Gina, am interested to see what improvements could be made. Am an ex-student at the campus!


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