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Summer Construction at Sylvania Campus

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Most Sylvania construction will take place during summer months because fewer students are on campus. While details about this summer’s construction schedule are still being finalized, likely projects include the following:

Spring time at PCC Sylvania Campus.


  • Social Science Building  Classrooms Remodel– The computer lab is being moved into a more centralized location in the core of the building to provide more work stations.  Two existing classrooms are being enlarged. New lights, carpets, flooring and paint will be added to all new and existing classrooms.
  • G Street completion – The project is scheduled to begin in mid-June and be finished by the end of August. The completion of G Street will improve access to and from the campus for emergency vehicles, as well as evacuation from campus in emergency situations.
  • E6/Net Zero work – Work on the heating hot water loop throughout the campus will take place, in addition to landscaping and construction of a retaining wall around the dehumidification units installed this winter, near the swimming pool. This work is part of Sylvania’s “E6”/Net Zero project, which stands for “Energy Creation/Energy Conservation/Environmental Stewardship/Employment Stimulus/Education/Efficient and Effective Use of Funds.” The project is anticipated to eventually meet all the campus’ energy demands with energy generated on-site; reduce potable water consumption by 50 percent; save millions annually in energy costs; and creates a “living laboratory” for its green technology education programs, faculty and students.

Education is an integral part of the construction process – PCC wants to involve faculty and students in learning activities as part of bond-funded projects. To do this, Jeff Triplett, Sylvania’s Dean of Instruction, and campus division deans created the Green Initiative Fund. The GIF represents one-time dollars to enable classes to participate in learning activities as part of bond-funded construction. Faculty submitted proposals for consideration this winter, and five have been accepted. These include:

  • Watershed mural from the Visual and Performing Arts division
  • Multidisciplinary exploration of the “ground beneath our feet” from the Science and Engineering division
  • Storm water Living Lab from the Science and Engineering division
  • Green Career workshop and panel presentation from the Social Sciences division
  • Sylvania Learning Garden Rain Water Storage and Reuse System from the Science and Engineering division

An example of such collaboration took place in mid-February. An engineering crew was on campus to perform geotechnical survey work and analyze existing soil conditions for future site development. With the help of the Science and Engineering division, geological coring necessary for the design of G Street was coordinated with the geology department. Once the cores are analyzed and documented, they will be turned over to the geology department for use with students.



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