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Sylvania hosts bond open house for College Center Building

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Interested in learning about bond-funded improvements slated for the College Center Building at the Sylvania Campus? If so, consider stopping by an informal open house this month for a meet-and-greet with bond team members.

The event is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesday, May 23, in the Upper Mall, CC Building. Representatives from GBD Architects, the college’s bond team, and Sylvania’s administration will be present to answer questions and gather input from attendees.

Sylvania Campus will get a 'facelift' thanks to several bond-funded improvements, including 75,000 square feet of renovations to the College Center Building.

Graphic illustrations and posters will showcase renovation concepts for the CC Building, which serves as a student union and the home base of many student services – advising, counseling, financial aid, student government, and dining, among others.

“Our students’ voice is really important for this renovation process,” said Heather Lang, Sylvania’s Dean of Student Development, “especially as it pertains to student spaces – for studying, as well as visiting with friends.”

To elicit feedback, Sylvania’s student government — Associated Students of Portland Community College – is working with the architects to create a “creative table” at the open house, complete with construction paper, magazines, markers and more. Students, as well as other attendees, can get “artsy” on site and create inspirational pieces using photos and words to convey what they envision as the best use of space for students in the CC Building.

And student submissions to “Art Showcase” – a bond-related art contest from April 9 to May 11, inviting Sylvania students to produce abstract and realistic architectural designs for consideration – will be on display at the open house.

“I’m really proud of the way our students have asked to become involved in this process and how they’ve expressed their creativity,” said Lang. “It’s inspiring to all of us working on this project.”

Summer construction projects for the campus and bond-funded work already completed at Sylvania also will be highlighted as part of the open house. Following is the summer work to be shared with attendees:

  • Science and Technology (ST) Building – Renovation and technology modifications will be applied to the 3rd floor chemistry labs and 2nd floor faculty offices for Engineering and Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Automotive and Metals (AM) Building – A new storage facility will be constructed that will serve as swing space throughout the campus bond work.
  • College Center (CC) Building – Accessibility upgrades, including an external elevator on the north end of the CC Building, will begin this summer. Also, swing space in the Pine Room and the “Quiet Room” across from the Environmental Center will be created for faculty and staff displaced during construction.
  • Library/Learning Commons – This includes the move of the Student Success Center and Computer Resource Center from the CC Building to the Library – which necessitates construction in the Library. The space relinquished in the CC Building will serve as swing space for the duration of the campus bond work.
  • Health Technology (HT) Building – The swimming pool will undergo significant renovation.

The college’s Sylvania Campus is its largest and oldest campus, home to approximately 30,000 students and several 40-plus-year-old buildings in need of updates. Research surrounding the campus’ renovation needs, coupled with the passage of PCC’s bond measure in November 2008, have enabled planners to assemble a long-term construction program for the campus. In addition to addressing CC Building plans and summer bond projects, the open house will highlight an approximate construction timeline for overall campus work slated to take place over the next several years.


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