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Summer at Sylvania marked by extensive bond-funded construction in advance of 2012 fall term

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While campus activities might be slower in general over the summer term, construction at the Sylvania Campus is in full tilt in an effort to have several projects completed before fall term classes begin on Sept. 24.

“After much discussion, planning, forums with internal and external audiences, and more, we’re now at the point where we’ve broken ground on several crucial construction projects at Sylvania,” said Gary Sutton, the campus’ bond project manager.  “It’s exciting to be at this stage — to see tangible work coming together after so much strategizing. At the same time, there’s pressure associated with hard deadlines for completion so that come fall term, these buildings and facilities are open and ready to use.”

“The process has gone very well so far. We haven’t come across any ‘surprises’ during excavations,” he said. “We anticipate being able to showcase the work at district and campus inservices, and that it will be ‘business as usual’ when students arrive this fall.”

In terms of work currently under way at the Sylvania Campus (campus map):

  • The Science and Technology (ST) Building is undergoing major renovation and modifications to three third floor chemistry labs, as well as second floor offices for faculty and administration in the divisions of Science and Engineering and Visual and Performing Arts and Design. Ceilings and walls have been gutted and are being replaced on both floors, as have cabinetry, casework, furniture, air ventilation hoods and handling units, ductwork, and lighting.
  • Similar to the ST Building, the first floor of the Library is receiving a massive overhaul to become a “Learning Commons” model which will incorporate Student Success Center and the Computer Resource Center services for students. Both centers were formerly located in the College Center (CC), and real estate relinquished in the center will serve as temporary space for the duration of campus bond work. Additionally, Library faculty and staff offices are being renovated behind the check-out desk near the main entrance to the Library.
  • The swimming pools — both the lap pool and the diving pool — in the Health Technology (HT) Building are getting large-scale facelifts. The mechanical system — piping, plumbing and more – for both pools has been gutted and replaced. Ceramic tiles replace painted tiles on the pool floors and walls, which were regularly in need of repair. Two new family changing areas also have been added.

“Like much of the campus, the swimming pools are 40 years old,” said Sutton. “We’ve had chronic plumbing issues in recent years and rather than apply a Band-Aid approach to the problem, we opted to address the issue holistically and install a new plumbing system that will serve us well for the long term.”

Next on the bond “to do” list is the construction of a new storage facility for the Automotive and Metals (AM) Building, as well as the addition of an external elevator on the north end of the CC Building, which marks the start of ongoing, long-term construction in this building.

Said Linda Gerber, PCC Sylvania Campus president, “This is wonderful, positive activity at the campus, which will greatly enhance our work at Sylvania and our ability to best serve students. I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress that Gary and the bond team — which includes our architects and contractors — have made so far.”

Periodic updates about construction will be posted between now and the start of fall term so that readers can stay apprised of construction work on campus. Visit both the PCC and bond Web sites at and for news, as well as visit — in person — the Bond Information Zone near the Veterans Office in the CC Building to review building plans, construction timelines, news reports and various bond-related meeting minutes.

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