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Former student publishes adult fiction novel ‘Shadows and Dreams’

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The book’s cover art is by Alexandra Ditmore.

The book’s cover art is by Alexandra Ditmore.

PCC graduate and current author Jessica Ditmore is publishing a book titled “Shadows and Dreams.”

The Portland native is currently working on getting her bachelors degree at Mount Saint Mary’s College in California. The adult fiction novel is dark and quirky focusing on young Janice Gray who is trying to grow up in the dying, small town of River Valley. Although her town is filled with numerous unique characters, one of the strangest of all is Mr. Hampton, who pretends his wife, who has been dead for years, is still alive. Stranger still, the rest of the town goes along with it. As time goes by, Janice notices that there is much wrong with where she lives, but struggles to make a difference before it is too late.

Throughout the book, Janice grapples with human nature, childhood demons, and the feeling of being on the outside. The story is especially about the difficulties faced in the transition from childhood to adulthood, and the difficulties of discerning right from wrong in complicated situations. “Shadows and Dreams” is an E-book that can be purchased on Amazon.


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