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PCC to hold fall term earthquake preparedness drill on Oct. 17

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Portland Community College will test its emergency systems and earthquake preparedness in a drill on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 10:17 a.m.

Called “10/17, 10/17,” the drill is part of a statewide effort, “Great Oregon Shakeout.” It will be conducted college-wide, at all PCC campuses and centers, and everyone – students, staff and faculty – will be expected to participate.

The drill will begin with an audible tone, followed by flashing strobe lights (indoors) and audible instructions. The drill – which lasts approximately three minutes – will conclude with an “all clear” message.

PCC will host an earthquake preparedness drill on Oct. 17.

PCC will host an earthquake preparedness drill on Oct. 17.

Tips to remember in an earthquake:

If you are indoors:

  • Drop to the floor.
  • Cover — Get under a desk or table, and cover your head and neck with both arms.
  • Hold on until the shaking has stopped.
  • Do not run out of the building while the building is shaking.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and cover your head.

If you are in an outside area, move into an open area away from buildings, walls, trees, light standards, or power lines.

If you are driving, pull over and remain stationary until the shaking has stopped.

After an earthquake:

  • After the shaking stops, begin orderly evacuation procedures.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Assist individuals with limited mobility to exit buildings and get to a safe area.
  • Do not re-enter an evacuated building until the “all clear” signal is given.


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