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PCC hosts Oregon Transfer Days in February

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In an effort to assist Oregon community college students to successfully transition to a four-year college or university, Oregon’s community colleges and four-year universities collaborate each year on a state-wide tour to all seventeen Oregon community colleges. PCC will host Oregon Transfer Days from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on four days in the month of February around the college district and will feature visits by admission representatives from four-year universities. PCC students are welcomed to attend these informative days, whether they are actively planning to transfer, or just starting to consider their four-year degree opportunities.

PCC’s Oregon Transfer Days Schedule:

  • Sylvania Campus (Upper Mall, CC Building) – Monday, Feb. 17.
  • Rock Creek Campus (Mall, Building 3) – Tuesday, Feb. 18.
  • Southeast Center (Community Hall, Administration Building) – Wednesday, Feb. 19.
  • Cascade Campus (Dining Hall, Student Center) – Thursday, Feb. 20.

In Oregon, thousands of students each year make the transition from a community college to a four-year college or university, and planning ahead helps students to find the right fit in a college program and to transfer credits effectively, saving money and time. At Oregon’s public universities alone, the numbers of community college students transferring has increased by 70 percent percent in the last decade.

For more information about these days, contact Kathleen Bradach, academic advising specialist, at (971) 722-4578, or by e-mail at

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x by Marcus Vigil 3 years ago

I have been wondering what my next steps should be. I earned a BA in Fine Art in 1997, from UCSC. My interests now are in the areas of Film, Video and Screenwriting. Another bachelor’s degree doesn’t sound particularly valuable, but I am haven’t come across a particularly relevant Masters program either. What I would like from a Masters degree is two things: 1) Increased employability in the field of video and film production and 2) Development of my creative abilities. Is there an MFA for me out there? Or is there a more carer / vocation oriented path I should consider?
Thank you.

x by Jim Fasulo 3 years ago

As the coordinator of the Oregon Transfer Days event at Cascade, I highly encourage interested students at Cascade campus (and Sylvania, Rock Creek, and Southeast) to attend…Over 30 college representatives are expected to participate at each of the campuses, and this kind of turnout makes Oregon Transfer Days a special event.

I would like to communicate that attending this event is a great way for students to begin the transfer process, and that the specifics of an academic advising session (for example a transcript evaluation) will come later.

At the event, the admissions representative in attendance are in a position to provide key information points about their programs and connect students to advisors (sometimes the same person)for later consultations and advising sessions. Meeting a rep from a college who is enthusiastic about the various majors at their college can be a great springboard to eventually transferring to this university.

That being said, come on over the Oregon transfer days event in a few weeks. It will be worth your time!

Jim Fasulo
PCC Cascade Advisor and OTD Cascade Coordinator

ps: To reply to the post from Marcus: Marcus I recommend that you speak to an academic advisor at any of the campuses as they are in a position, with their knowledge base, to address your questions.

x by Kathleen Kuba 3 years ago

In response to Marcus’ questions, as a workforce development specialist at Sylvania campus, here are a couple of suggestions.

1. Especially if you’re taking courses in the Multimedia program at Cascade campus, conduct informational interviews with faculty in the program and ask for references in the video production field. Follow up with those contacts. If you need help on crafting your resume (as a letter of introduction to employers) and preparing for informational interviews, find the Employment Specialist assigned to your program:

2. Consider doing a Cooperative Education internship in the multimedia field. Coop Ed internships are offered for academic credit and are a partnership among employer, student. PCC faculty member and cooperative education specialist. At the core of these internships are individually defined Learning Objectives. If done well, this hands-on experience helps students determine if they are ready for desired employment or if additional education is required. Here’s a link to the coop ed offices across the district:

By finding out more about the current job market and employer requirements, you can make a better decision on continuing your education. And if you have to go into debt for graduate school, consider your options very carefully. Best of luck to you!

x by Tia and Travis Holland 3 years ago

This is a valuable event for students,and most appreciate this opportunity. Unfortunately, the time window of 10 AM – 1 PM doesn’t work for all students. (For example, my son has 2 classes during that time frame, 10 AM to 2 PM, in 2 different buildings, at PCC Rock Creek.) It would be great if the hours could be extended a bit…perhaps 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM or 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Or, maybe students could make special appointment requests to still meet with a Univ Rep. I know the University Reps travel for this & their days are long. Please let us know what is possible. Thank you very much. (P.S. My son received an early admission letter to attend the U of O for fall 2014. Please send a copy of your response to

x by Jim Fasulo 3 years ago

In reply to Tia’s question,

The Oregon Transfer Days Event is one method of getting information about area colleges to PCC Students. Another way is to stop by either the career center or advising office at any campuses. Staff there are willing to help students with transfer questions. Below are links to both web sites where office hours are also listed.

Students can access the career centers:

or Academic advising offices:


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