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Sylvania’s annual E-Cycling efforts extended to two months

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After six years of recycling computers, electronics and Styrofoam once a year, the Sylvania Campus community has decided it was time for a change.

PCC staff, students, and the community wanted more opportunities than just once a year to recycle computer equipment in an environmentally responsible way. To accomplish this, the Sylvania Computer Applications and Computer Information Systems departments teamed up with the Sylvania Library and Total Reclaim to offer free computer recycling from May 1, through June 9 during library hours. There will be two plastic bins located under the main stairs on the first floor of the library where items can be placed. Items like hard drives, towers, laptops, printers, scanners, monitors, mice, disks, etc.  Please do not bring any televisions or cell phones.

Volunteers helped organize the annual ecycle event in 2013.

Volunteers helped organize the annual ecycle event in 2013.

“This on-going recycling effort allows us to expand this community-based learning project in our classes throughout spring term,” said Diane Shingledecker, instructor of the Computer Applications’ class that will be spearheading the spring library event.

Students will be responsible for marketing the expanded recycling effort, collecting donations data and analyzing the event to help plan for future computer recycling events on other PCC campuses.

“It also allows us to include more people in our recycling,” added Shingledecker. “Many staff, students, and community members could not make it to our event when it was on a single Saturday. PCC staff and students now have the luxury of bringing their donations to school with them and can easily fit this into their regular work/class schedules.”

In addition, community members can stop by the campus when it is convenient for them. Please note that donations do have to be limited to what individuals can carry into the library on their own. Multiple trips to the donation bins over the course of spring term are encouraged.

If you are donating a computer/laptop, it is suggested that you wipe the hard drive clean beforehand. If you do not feel comfortable doing this or are still concerned about identity theft, there will be the opportunity next year to come to the Sylvania Library and have your hard drive smashed before your eyes.

If you have questions, or would like more information, please visit the website at, or contact Shingledecker at (971) 722-4099.

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x by Martha Bailey 3 years ago

We are happy to announce that the e-cycle is coming to Cascade campus for one evening: Tuesday, June 3 from 5:30-8:30 pm in the Cascade cafeteria. All items collected will be transported to Sylvania and included in the overall ecycle event.


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