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Admission to college – the quick and easy way

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Shroyer explains the admissions process to Guenther

The Peer Advisors "Illuminate the Way"

Jeff Guenther and Sarah Shroyer both know all about the PCC admissions process. They had better because they are peer advisors at the PCC Career Resource Center after all. They believe that new and returning students should have an easy admissions experience ahead of them if they simply take the time to explore all that PCC has to offer.

"There are so many resources at PCC that many students aren’t aware of," Shroyer said. "For me it was very easy to go through admissions. The people there were willing to answer my questions."

Guenther, a successful engineering student at PCC, believes students have plenty of options at their finger tips. "There is so much that centers on student success here," Guenther said. "How much PCC focuses on the students is very impressive."

To get started in a PCC credit program, a student must answer some questions.

"Taken a class at PCC in the last two years?"
If yes, then you may log on to MyPCC and start registering for classes right away.
"Enrolling at PCC for the first time?"
Don’t worry, it’s easy. And if you run into any trouble, the admissions office can help. Complete the information request form to learn more about the college and the application process. Fill out the online admissions form or, if you prefer, you may print one out and return it to an admissions office.
"Interested in taking non-credit courses?"
If self-help or other non-credit classes are your thing (like furniture upholstery, cooking classes, etc.) then visit Community Education for a list of classes and registration information.
"Interested in dual enrollment with one of the four-year Oregon universities?"
Then combine your PCC enrollment with any of the following institutions: Portland State, Oregon State, Oregon Institute of Technology, Concordia, Western Governors, Marylhurst, Linfield and Pacific. This allows transfer students a seamless transition from PCC to one of these four-year institutions.
"PCC provides more choices and a clearer path to higher education," said Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, associate dean of student development. "We’ve signed dual enrollment agreements with these institutions that let you use the classes, services and expertise at each school, greatly expanding your resources and options."
Learn more about dual enrollment programs or all of the other transfer opportunities.
The benefits of dual enrollment are clear: easier transition from community college to university; one application process; advising available at either institution; increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes; opportunity to access services and participate in college life on both campuses; coordinated financial aid and scholarships for qualified students; access to library and computer lab resources on both campuses; and much more.
"International student?"
If you’re from another country, then visit the International Student Admission page which will guide you through PCC’s international student admissions process.
"Under 16 years of age?"
There are special admissions requirements. This is for students who have not been awarded a high school diploma or a GED. Students must complete all the admissions requirements and are not guaranteed admission. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all the possible course work within their school district before pursuing classes at PCC.

Do you still have questions? Visit Admissions to contact the admissions office, or view the From Admissions to Registration map.

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