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Senate President: Putting Oregonians back to work is key to economic recovery

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Following the tepid revenue forecast the state of Oregon heard Thursday from state economist Tom Potiowsky, Senate President Peter Courtney issued the following statement:

“… today’s forecast, coupled with the skyrocketing unemployment in July, has me very concerned. We must watch the December and February forecasts closely and we cannot create expectations that we will not be able to live up to.

“It’s all about job creation – getting people back to work in areas like construction, manufacturing, health care and education. If we can do that, Oregon can withstand the national economic downturn.”

In the world of fiction writing, there’s the concept of being “too on the nose.” It refers to dialog that states the obvious.

“Good lord!” he shouted, pointing to the fire. “It’s a fire!”

That’s too on the nose.

And while it’s a bad thing in fiction writing, it’s not necessarily a bad thing in politics. The timing of Sen. Courtney’s statement coincides with the PCC bond measure, which seeks voter approval to increase workforce development in…

…wait for it…

…areas like construction, manufacturing, health care and education.

If successful, the bond measure would boost workforce training in construction at Sylvania and Cascade campuses; welding and manufacturing-related skills at the Southeast Center; health care training at Rock Creek Campus and, potentially, the Willow Creek Center in Washington County; and education at Cascade.

How’s that for “on the nose?”

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