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Using In-Service to get the word out

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Man, this week has been a whirlwind!

On Monday, at the district-wide In-Service, we made the November bond measure a key topic. It was addressed by President Pulliams, by keynote speaker Kevin Carroll, and others as well. The good things that came from the last bond measure – the creation of the Southeast Center, the major renovations of Cascade Campus, etc. – were the topic of a video created by the folks in Michael Annus’ Video Production joint.

If you missed that, you really missed something terrific. An eight-minute documentary on the way PCC has grown in recent years. It was outstanding. His folks done good.

Today, several of us fanned out to the four major campuses for site-specific In-Service discussions of the informational items that one can get to inform their friends and colleagues about the bond.

It’s easy. Go to and click on a button called “Get Involved.” That will take you to the list of items such as fliers and buttons.

Another shortcut – – also gets you there. Either trick works.

We’ll continue to provide the informational items between now and election day. Which is closer than you think: ballots will be distributed in 31 days. And a lot of Oregonians vote as soon as they receive their ballots.

So as of tomorrow, we officially will be one month away from the start of the election.

Send your feedback to And thanks in advance.

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