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Job opportunities at Sylvania Campus draw local contractors

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Upcoming Projects at Sylvania CampusMore than 40 people looking for new subcontracting opportunities attended the PCC Bond Program‘s Construction and MWESB Workshop Kickoff at Sylvania Campus on April 11.

Linda Degman, Associate Director for the PCC Bond Program, addresses participants at the Construction Kickoff at Sylvania Campus.

Ninety percent of the work slated for the campus will involve renovation of seven to eight buildings – more than 170,000 square feet.  The rest of the work will focus on construction of a new child development center and a small new automotive storage building. Outreach for the event focused on small contractors and minority and women-owned and emerging small businesses (MWESBS) in the region.

“An important goal for the College and our Board is to use these bond dollars and campus improvements to create more contracting opportunities and build the capacity of MWESBs in our community.  To that point, PCC has strategically contracted with general contractors who welcome this challenge and will be good partners with PCC to achieve this goal,” said Linda Degman, Associate Director of the PCC Bond Program.

More than forty people attended the Construction Kickoff at Sylvania Campus. Next event will be at Rock Creek Campus on May 8, 2012.

Jeff Triplett, Dean of Instruction for Sylvania Campus, explained that, “the maintenance of strict timelines and safety is of upmost importance as the college will be fully functioning with high enrollment while construction is under way.”

Kevin Pham, Project Manager with Howard S. Wright, the firm overseeing contract management and general construction for Sylvania, underscored Triplett’s comments, stating that HSW has “two safety meetings a week and will require extensive coordination from our vendors.”

John Person, MWESB Coordinator for the PCC Bond Program, shares information about upcoming construction kickoffs at PCC’s other campuses.

Pham also said that HSW will be expanding its trailer site, as “we believe we will have more than 100 crafts people working on site this summer. I encourage interested vendors to consider their ability to work round the clock to meet strict timelines and all vendors will report directly to HSW.”

As of April 2012, HSW has bid out 13 projects. Pham estimated that they will have six more coming up in May for work this June.  HSW advertises through the Daily Journal of Commerce and the Contracts & Careers Journal.  He noted that firms interested in bidding future projects must get on the HSW bid list in order to be notified of upcoming bid invitations.

The PCC Bond Program is hosting the next Construction Kickoff for its Rock Creek Campus with Fortis Construction on Tuesday, May 8, 2012.  For more information, contact John Persen at 971-722-8426 or by email or visit the Contracting Opportunities page on the PCC Bond website.


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