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Sasha, the Queen of Recycling, shows PCC the right way to dispose of waste

Video by Instructional Support Services.

“When in doubt, throw it out,” says Sasha, The Queen of Recycling at PCC. Enjoy a fun look at how to recycle and how to get better at it. Learn from Sasha the fun and adventure of recycling and things you may not have known.

Thirsty for more information on sustainability at the college? Visit the PCC Sustainability webpage.


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x by Charlie W. 4 years ago

Very informative, thank you. I’m big on recycling and reusing, now I hope all printers at PCC will print double pages unless otherwise requested. There is so much waste at the printers. Thanks for all you do for our Mother Earth.

x by Linda Browning 4 years ago

Great video and it cleared up a lot of recycling questions!


x by Cassandra 4 years ago

While I do think that this video has some fantastic new information in it, I’m a little worried about the slogan. A lot of people I know don’t recycle anyway and I fear that “When in doubt, throw it out” might encourage them to have the attitude of just throwing things away. I say this with the assumption that the garbage does not get sorted for any items that should have been recycled. I do appreciate informing people about the wax linings and food contaminants.

x by Isabella 4 years ago

That was a great study and educational video, very informative and catchy. I just noticed you only talk about the common waste of our community like plastic, paper and the organic garbage. How about Electronic wastes? Same with other wastes, it is important to dispose E-waste properly at the same time you can also get cash from your e-waste. I know there’s an online refurbishment site where you can sell your old, broken or damaged electronics.

I agree! Recycling is so much fun! 


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