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Southeast instructors get a sneak peek at the new Student Commons

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October 21, 2013
Written by Christine Egan

Earlier this October, future tenants of the new Student Commons toured the nearly completed building to see firsthand how the new science labs and classrooms were turning out.  According to comments from some of the instructors and staff, it was a “wow” moment.

“I finally get to teach Astronomy – my first love in science after forty years!”  said one instructor.

The incoming Division Dean, Susanne Christopher was quick to say “how exciting” it was going to be for the new faculty and staff to use the space and have all of the lab resources at their fingertips for teaching the sciences at Southeast Center.

“There is actually room for people to walk around the classroom while others are sitting at their tables working,” commented another instructor happily.

Tour participants on October 7 included:  Susanne Christopher, Angela Meyers, Alexie McNerthney, Brit Anderson, Steve Ballew, Kyle Dittmer, Mike Mackel, Eriks Puris and Frank Granshaw

The second tour on October 16 included:  Rebecca Robinson, Stephanie Yurasits, Rebecca Ross, Carmen Lawyer, Angela Meyer, Aaron Livingston, Barb Kaufman, Katie Leonard and Annie Crater.

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